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The Gold Rush Kid

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The Gold Rush Kid


Mary Waldorf



Historical fiction, adventure



Subjects you'll come across in this book:


  • Klondike River Valley
  • prospecting for gold
  • sibling relationships
  • gold discoveries
  • frontier settlement
  • mountain travel
  • frontier newspapers
  • lawlessness
  • dogs
  • trailblazing



"Even more than the grim, realistic historical adventure, it's the family story that will hold readers, especially Billy's battles with his angry sister, both of them mean and hostile as they try to cope with their sorrow and with the daily struggle for survival in the frontier town." (Booklist, 2008)[1]  



After their mother dies in 1897, 12-year-old Billy McGee and his 16-year-old sister Edna, who is disguised and traveling as "Ed," leave Skagway, Alaska, in search of their father, who has gone farther north to prospect for gold in Canada's Yukon Territory.   




Of note:

  • 232 pages, published in 2008
  • The author had a personal connection to Skagway, Alaska.  Her mother grew up there.
  • The book contains a map that shows the characters' travels.
  • The locations are real.  There really was a Dead Horse Trail, Sheep Camp, and Chilkoot Trail, for example.
  • Some characters are based on real people, like Jefferson "Soapy" Smith, a gang boss who controlled businesses in various frontier towns.
  • Dyea (a town and a river) is pronounced "die-ee."



Klondike/Yukon Territory



Dyea Trail





Dyea Flats



Dead Horse Trail

All photos from Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park


Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park


Has many links and photos about Klondike trails and towns.  View the Boom Town slideshow in the Photos & Multimedia tab.

Klondike Gold Rush Yukon Territory


Contains links to info about the miners (also called "stampeders"), area maps and trails, and photo collections.
Alaska's Gold 
Contains photos, info about traveling to and living in the Klondike, gold mining and gold discoveries, children in the gold rush, early newspapers, the White Pass, mail carriers, dogs, and other topics that Mary Waldorf researched and wrote about in The Gold Rush Kid.


Gold Rush photographs from the Alaska State Library




Women of the Klondike



Provides historical background about women in the area.


Gold Rush Centennial Photographs 1893 - 1916


From the Alaska State Library



Skagway, Alaska


Skagway, Alaska


Soapy Smith Gang

All photos from Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park









Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.




  1. Review excerpt and cover image from www.bcplonline.org.
  2. URL: http://animoto.com/play/ALLKPGxcJEGnWHBZrl3PFg

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