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After All You're Callie Boone

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After All, You're Callie Boone

Winnie Mack


Realistic Fiction


Subjects you'll come across in this book:

Interpersonal relations



-from Winnie Mack's website:


“Oh, fish sticks, tartar and a side of fries!”

Runaway ferrets, former BFF drama-trauma and one GIGANTIC (and very, very public) belly flop.

No doubt about it, Callie Boone’s summer is CRUMMY. The only things keeping her afloat are dive

 practice with her dad and a top-secret Olympic dream.

Then a boy named Hoot- who is NOT her boyfriend!- moves in next door and turns her world upside

down and right-side up.

Just when things start looking up, real disaster strikes and Callie feels like she’s stuck at the top of

 the high diving board with no way down. What if she can’t fix all the things that need fixing? She’ll

 just have to try! With a little luck, a solid plan, and a whole lot of teamwork, she just might make

it through.


After all, she’s Callie Boone!




Check out Winnie Mack's website for interviews, her blog, Q & A, and reviews...



Read an excerpt on Scholastic.com 





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