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Far Far Away

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Far Far Away


By Tom McNeal






*  Fairy Tales

*  Friendship

*  Jacob Grimm

*  Ghosts

*  Supernatural




Once upon a time, in the town of Never Better, there lived a boy named Jeremy Johnson Johnson. Jeremy hears voices… or more accurately, he hears one voice… the ghost of Jacob Grimm… yes, that Grimm! And ever since he mentioned this ability, he’s been a bit of an outcast. His mother has left them, and his father seems resigned to live unhappily ever after.  Things are far from fairy tale perfect. There is a baker in town who is known for making the most curious of cakes.  Eat just one bite, and you will fall in love with the next person you see. So, when Ginger Boltinghouse samples the treat and ends showing a surprising new interest in Jeremy, it is clear that a chain of events unlike anything you’ve ever read has been set in motion. Darkly fantastic- Far, Far Away is full of the stuff of fairy tales and nightmares. Will having a ghost on his side and Ginger in his corner be enough to protect Jeremy from the evil that lurks nearby?




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