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Kizzy Ann Stamps

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Kizzy Ann Stamps

Jeri Watts


African Americans Fiction
Girls Fiction
Dogs Fiction
Race relations Fiction
Historical fiction



Kizzy Ann Stamps is nervous about starting at a new school that was just integrated, and wonders if she and her dog Shag will be allowed to compete in a herding competition because she is African-American.









About the author:


Jeri Watts worked as a public school teacher for 27 years. She has written numerous short stories as well as the picture book Keepers. Kizzy Ann Stamps is her first middle-grade novel. She is currently an assistant professor at Lynchburg College.




What others are saying:


From The Examiner.com:

Dog lovers will enjoy the story about Kizzy Ann and how she works with her dog, a border collie named Shag. No matter what life brings, Shag is there for Kizzy Ann, and their love for each other helps Kizzy Ann overcome some real challenges.


From the Kirkus Review:

Outspoken Kizzy Ann Stamps is used to overcoming difficulties, from navigating the prejudice in her town to coping with the attention brought on by the scar on her right cheek. Now a new hurdle has arisen for Kizzy Ann: integration...The vivid historical setting of this short and satisfying read will leave readers feeling they have experienced life in Kizzy Ann’s world. 


5 stars on Amazon.com





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