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M. H. Herlong




Tyron, “Li’l T”, Roberts has always wanted a dog, however, living in a poor section of New Orleans with his parents, baby brother, and little sister, he has always been told that it is not going to happen – they just can’t afford to keep and feed a dog! One Sunday morning, on the way to church, Li’l T’s father hits a stray dog and thus begins Lil’T’s story of his great love and caring for Buddy. Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans and the story of Buddy takes an unexpected turn as the Roberts family is forced to evacuate with only enough room in the car for the human family. When they do return, Li’l T makes it his only goal to find Buddy and yet another turn of events finds Li’l T and his father in California to claim Buddy. This story is one that all lovers of dogs will enjoy and they will need to decide for themselves if Li’l T makes a good decision to end the story!










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