Absolutely Almost




Absolutely Almost

Lisa Graff









      Fifth-grader Albie doesn’t quite understand why he can’t get an “A” on his spelling test or why his mind gets fuzzy when he

tries to add numbers in his head. But he knows that his short-comings are a disappointment to his parents and that makes him sad. Also he is the new kid in school and the “cool” kids tease him and call him “dummy.” When a new babysitter, Calista, comes into his life, she helps him see that he has many strengths to offset what he sees as failures. He is kind, a good friend and he achieves small successes. Albie realizes that getting almost an “A” on a spelling test and knowing how to comfort a friend are talents to be proud of as he recognizes his own self-worth and eventually his parents begin to accept him for who he is.









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